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  • Good Technology ⁄ Hearbeat Go! Love Dub
    SELF DRIVE RECORDS SD006 - 7" - 24th June 1983
  • Fact Dive (Live)
    SELF DRIVE RECORDS SD007 - 7" - November 1983
  • Good Technology Fact Paris France
    SELF DRIVE RECORDS SD008 - 12" - January 1984
  • Good Technology Paris France
    SELF DRIVE RECORDS SD009 - 7" - May 1984
  • Steeltown Within 4 Walls
    SELF DRIVE RECORDS SCAR010 - 7" - 22nd June 1984
  • Steeltown Extended Version Within 4 Walls Extended Version
    SELF DRIVE RECORDS SCAR010T - 12" - 22nd June 1984
  • Marimba Jive ⁄ Heartbeat Go!
    SELF DRIVE RECORDS SCAR014 - 7" - September 1984
  • Marimba Jive Extended Survival Mix
    Heartbeat Go! Extended Mix
    SELF DRIVE RECORDS SCAR014T - 12" - September 1984


  • Slow To Fade
    SELF DRIVE RECORDS SCAR LP1 - October 1984

    Side 1: Remote ControlDiveAstronomyCloak and DaggerCrocodile Tears.
    Side 2: Shaken Not StirredSting In The TaleMarimba JiveSlow To Fade.

  • Slow To Fade

    Remote ControlDiveAstronomyCloak and DaggerCrocodile TearsSteeltown
    Shaken Not Stirred ⁄ Heartbeat Go! ⁄ Sting In The TaleMarimba JiveWithin Four WallsSlow To Fade.

    Slow To Fade CD cover.

  • Seven Types Of Ambiguity (The BBC Sessions)
    RPM RECORDS RPM 109 - 1993

    Paris FranceFactDiveMarimba JiveSting In The TaleSlow To FadeSteeltown ⁄ Heartbeat Go! ⁄ Within Four WallsCrocodile TearsRemote ControlShaken Not StirredAstronomy ⁄ Seven Types Of Ambiguity ⁄ Jamaican Homecoming ⁄ Good Technology Be With Me ⁄ Clean Up ⁄ Age Of Swing ⁄ Train's On Time

    Seven Types Of Ambiguity  (The BBC Sessions ).

  • Slow To Fade plus six bonus tracks

    Remote ControlDiveAstronomyCloak and DaggerCrocodile Tears
    Shaken Not StirredSting In The TaleMarimba JiveSlow To FadeGood TechnologyFactParis FranceSteeltownWithin Four Walls ⁄ Heartbeat Go!

    John Rowley's liner notes.

  • Good Technology (1982-1984)

    Good TechnologyFactSteeltown ⁄ Heartbeat Go! ⁄ Paris France
    Within Four Walls ⁄ Jamaican Homecoming⁄ Remote ControlDiveAstronomy
    Cloak and DaggerCrocodile TearsShaken Not StirredSting In The Tale
    Marimba JiveSlow To Fade
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...music which comments on its "art" without losing beat and breadth.

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Creem Magazine, January 1984.


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Via one delicious melody and an ominously building beat, Red Guitars itemise the sundry achievements of modern science, from underarm personal hygiene to the hardware of instant Armageddon. In so doing, the song constructs an unforgettable vision of a world that's grown too clever by one-and-a-half at least.

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Paul Du Noyer reviewing Good Technology in the NME on 27/08/83.