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  • Mon 28th Mar Dingwalls, Hull
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The Red Guitars were in magnificent form when they appeared at Dingwalls last Monday.
It seems that the number of fans is ever increasing and it is hardly surprising judging by this latest performance.
The large crowd who turned up were treated to a non-stop flow of good music.
Right from the beginning when they made a spectacular entrance to the sound of a pulsing drum beat, the band held the enthusiastic crowd spellbound.
The Red Guitars roared their way through a selection of their songs with a professionalism that is rarely seen in local bands.
The audience quickly warmed to their particular brand of melodious rock and many were soon on their feet showing their appreciation.
It all amounted to one hour of sheer enjoyment and it is obvious that with the right breaks this band is destined for the big time.

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Hull Times, 01/04/83.

  • Sometime in April Bay Horse, Gillygate, York - first out of Hull gig
  • Fri 24th June Dingwalls, Hull - Good Technology launch
  • Sat 6th Aug Peel Session Maida Vale, London
  • Fri 12th Aug Spiders, Hull
  • Wed 17th Aug The Greyhound, Fulham Road, London (£15 minus £5 for PA)
  • Wed 9th September, Ossies Bar, Middlesborough
  • Sat 17th Sept Futurama 5, Queens Hall, Leeds - on a bill with the Bay City Rollers, Howard Devoto, Comsat Angels, John Cooper Clarke, Clock DVA...
  • Wed 22nd Sept The Tube
  • Sat 8th Oct Leadmill, Sheffield
  • Sat 15th Oct University College London Union
  • 18th Nov Edge Hill College, Ormskirk - supporting the Smiths
  • Sat 3rd Dec Cambridge College of Art, Cambridge
  • Fri 9th Dec Dudley JB's, Dudley
  • Mon 19th Dec Electric Ballroom, London - supporting the Smiths


  • Sat 7th Jan ICA, London, as part of "Big Brother, New Year Rock Week" - The week concluded when Genesis P Orridge, Frank 'Fad Gadget' Tovey and some members of Einsturzende Neubauten used road drills, angle grinders and chain saws to destroy the stage, a performance so infamous that it was re-enacted in February 2007.
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...taking the ICA stage in an aura of anticipation built up by word of mouth, two singles and tremendous record company interest Red Guitars are - intermittently - refreshingly different. If, like I did, you believe that their capabilities lie quintessentially in the tremendous power of lead singer Lawrence (sic) Kidd it's probably because at times his power is so all-absorbing that it acts to the detriment of the other four members of the band.
But then Red Guitars seem aware of this, and beginning their set with their second single "Fact", the set seemed to be consciously divided into two halves, a half built on plinths of Kidd's power, culminating in the grossly underrated single "Good Technology", and a half launched amid the calypso rhythms of the excellent instrumental "Heartbeat Go", leading to the subtler vocal arrangements of songs like "Paris France".
Scarcely this month's flavour for longer than a week, Kidd has already developed the ability to use the stage and audience to promote the alternating whims and whiplashes of Red Guitars' songs. The gently tumbling "Marimba Jive" is as far apart from the harsh "Steeltown" as Hawaii is from Hull, and yet the nonchalant shift in style between the songs seemed less a change than an obvious progression.
On their performance tonight, to make too much of Red Guitars would be fatal. "Sting in the Tale", "Dive" and patches in most of the early songs lacked the final polish of the last half of their otherwise accomplished set. Teetering between the layers of established Rock and their own more ambitious, more flexible style, Red Guitars are like a big red sportscar, good when they're running smoothly, but slightly irritating when their powerful machine runs rough. They have a great future but they must take pains to avoid an even greater past.

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Neil Taylor, New Musical Express, 21st January 1984.

  • Wed 11th Jan Hacienda, Manchester
  • Thur 12th Jan Baths Hall, Scunthorpe
  • Thur 19th Jan Camden Palace, London
  • Fri 20th Jan Whistle Test
  • Sun 22nd Jan Spring Street Theatre, Hull
  • Wed 25th Jan Hellfire Club, Wakefield
  • Thurs 26th Jan Rock Garden, London
  • Sat 28th Jan Leadmill, Sheffield
  • Mon 6th Feb Keynes College JCR, Kent University
  • Tue 7th Feb Hull University
  • Wed 8th Feb Mountford Hall, Liverpool
  • Thur 9th Feb Tower Ballroom, Birmingham
  • Fri 10th Feb London School of Economics
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...Seeing the group on stage for the first time at Manchester's Hacienda, my thoughts were confirmed. More danceable than the singles suggest, it was a hot-shot foot-tapping performance of singability and grooving mobility.

From the cold but warm, hard but mellow, slow but fast version of "Technology" to the African-influenced beat-fantastic of "Marimba Jive" the audience shook its hip and swung its leg in time to the sub-pop monster rhythm of Matt Higgins' drums and Lou Barlow's bass guitar.

Jangling, crashing and smoothly sweeping over this varied backdrop were the reason for the band's existence - the guitars. Red Guitars, in fact. With songs calling for six-string virtuosity, Hallam Lewis and John Rowley provide the perfect blend of tricks and treats to ease the songs around a warm-hearted theme.

Binding these elements into a cohesive unit is the voice of Jerry Kidd, a passionate but relaxed singer, who seems to almost talk when most vocalists would warble at full stretch or shout in incoherent form.

Even with the club's notoriously bad acoustics the Red Guitars suceeded in winning over a crowd that's normally too cool to clap, let alone jump up and down snorting like a herd of wild buffalo.

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Dave Roberts, Sounds, 11/02/84.

  • Tue 14th Feb U.E.A., Norwich - supporting the Smiths
  • Wed 15th Feb Rock City, Nottingham - supporting the Smiths
  • Thur 16th Feb Leicester University - supporting the Smiths
  • Fri 18th Feb Essex University, Colchester - supporting the Smiths
  • Wed 29th Feb Leeds University - supporting the Smiths
  • Fri 2nd Mar Queen Margaret Union (QMU), Glasgow - supporting the Smiths
  • Sat 3rd Mar Dundee University - supporting the Smiths
  • Sun 4th Mar Fusion Club, Aberdeen University - supporting the Smiths
  • Mon 5th Mar Coasters, Edinburgh - supporting the Smiths
  • Wed 7th Mar Mayfair, Newcastle - supporting the Smiths
  • Thur 8th Mar Town Hall, Middlesborough - supporting the Smiths
  • Fri 9th Mar University of Lancaster - supporting the Smiths
  • Sat 10th Mar Coventry Polytechnic - supporting the Smiths

  • Hammersmith Palais ticket, 12/03/1984.

    Mon 12th Mar Hammersmith Palais, London - supporting the Smiths & Sandie Shaw
  • Tue 13th Mar Manchester Tree Trade Hall - supporting the Smiths & Sandie Shaw 
  • Thur 5th April Easter Ball, Hull School of Architecture

  • Alter Bahnhof, Hof, Germany.

    Mon 23rd April Alter Bahnhof, Hof

  • Tue 24th April Loft Im Metropol, Berlin
  • Wed 25th April Logo, Hamburg
  • Thur 26th April Luxor, Cologne
  • Fri 27th April Odeon, Munster
  • Sat 28th April Musik Theater Bad, Hannover
  • Sun 29th April Batschkapp, Frankfurt - cancelled due to the Smiths pulling out
  • Mon 30th April Cookys, Frankfurt
  • Wed 16th May Hacienda, Manchester
  • Fri 18th May U.E.A., Norwich
  • Sat 19th May Loughborough University
  • Thur 7th June Electic Ballroom, London
  • Sat 9th June Retford
  • Mon 11th June Crypt, Middlesbrough
  • Wed 13th June Hull University
  • Thur 14th June Night Moves, Glasgow
  • Mon 18th June May Ball, Clare College, Cambridge
  • Wed 20th June Leeds
  • Fri 22nd June Rock City, Nottingham
  • Sat 23rd June Manchester
  • Sun 24th June Sheffield
  • Fri 13th June “Rock Against Pit Closures” Hull Trades & Labour Club
  • Sat 14th July Peel Session Maida Vale, London
  • Fri 30th November Colchester Institute
  • Sat 1st December Leicester Polytechnic
  • Sun 2nd December U.E.A., Norwich
  • Tue 4th December Leadmill, Sheffield
  • Wed 5th December Coventry Polytechnic
  • Thur 6th December Leeds Polytechnic
  • Fri 7th December Caley Palais, Edinburgh
  • Sat 8th December Manchester University
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Manchester Uni tonight was not a place for poseurs...it's the music that counts and the Red Guitars are well aware of that. Tonight's set was a testimony to just how far they've progressed in the past year or so. All the tracks on "Slow To Fade" appeared plus a few b sides and "Fact" which had been significantly modified. Best songs of the night were in my view "Shaken Not Stirred", "Marimba Jive", "Dive", frantic, desperate and tension packed, and "Sting in the Tale" where bass and guitars created a sinister atmosphere.

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Noise Annoys fanzine, Issue 1, Winter 84/5.

  • Sun 9th December New Ocean Club, Cardiff
  • Tues 11th December Pavilion Theatre, Brighton
  • Wed 12th December Electric Ballroom, London
  • Sun 16th December Spring Street Theatre, Hull


  • Saturday 14th February 1998, Adelphi Club, Hull.
    Sat 14th February Adelphi Club, Hull
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Futurama 5, Queens Hall, Leeds, 17-18/09/83


Dingwalls, Hull, Good Technology single launch, 24/06/83


Spiders, Hull, 12/08/83


Easter Ball 05/04/84


ICA, the Mall, 07/01/84


Dundee University, 03/03/84


Mayfair, Newcastle, 07/03/84


Liverpool University, 08/02/84


Hacienda, Manchester, 07/03/84


Electric Ballroom, 12/12/84


Hull Trades and Labour Club, 13/07/84