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Good Technology

I think the guitar solo was just about the first take we did and I thought it was crap, but everyone else was going "no, keep it, keep it!" so we did. I guess it sounds OK in retrospect.


I felt like I'd got dented ears by the time we finished this one - the click track was really loud and we were playing along to it for what felt like a geological epoch to get a good take. I think my hearing still suffers to this day.

Heartbeat Go!

This sounds much faster than we later used to play it. I had to practice loads to stop my fingers getting tangled up!

Paris France

Again I have very fond memories of recording this one - particularly improvising the long ending in the studio. Jerry came up with this great little speech in a heavy French accent which included the line "It's true I have reservations about the Pompidou Centre..." it had us rolling about at the time - maybe that's why we left it off.

Within Four Walls

I remember this as being one of the most enjoyable recordings we did - especially jamming over the end in the early hours of a hot summer's night.

Remote Control

One of my favourites this. I love the way the music and vocals intertwine.


The - for us - somewhat complicated chord changes in the choruses came from messing around with the buttons on an old accordion.

Cloak and Dagger

This was always a hard song to pin down at the time, but when I listen to it now I think it sounds great. Especially the swirling Hammond stuff that Danny Wood did for us over the outro.

Marimba Jive

We recorded this for a Peel session at Maida Vale with a BBC producer called Dale Griffin who was a notorious miserable bastard. At one point we were all laughing at John doing his "African Women Dancing" routine through the control room window and he turned round and said "If you want to laugh get outside!" How to make friends and influence people.

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Fact was one of the best guitar records since the demise of Television.

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The Guardian, 11/05/84.


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Red Guitars  have a good guitarist in Hallam Lewis, who uses swirling African influences in the excellent Marimba Jive and Remote Control.

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Robin Denselow, the Guardian, 14/11/84.