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Date:  09.07.2005
Name:  Ian Halstead
Comments:  Christ, Its strange what you come across on a guestbook. Just spotted your entry Mr Hunter. Hello. How's things been since 'Animal Tracks' and 'Stealth'?

Date:  09.07.2005
Name:  Ian Halstead
Comments:  Temple Street. The rudimentary vestigial soundproofing. The temperatures. The awful solid state Marshall amp. The arguments. Parts of Sean's drum kit passing close by my ears at Bishop Grosseteste College. A bass player who wouldn't play the same thing twice (and still doesn't) - guilty m'lud. Carnage in Poland...

Date:  30.06.2005
Name:  Patricia
Comments:  I think you're FANTASTIC!!!! wish I'd known you in 1984, I do know people who do, and as a result I have seen/heard some damn good sounds, your dead good , why not reunite? after all HULL is not exactly on the radar of non musicians, but I think you could change that. Keep groovin...

Date:  17.06.2005
Name:  James
Comments:  Always a big fan and listening to the record of the last twenty years, I still consider it to be Hulls finest and one of the best from that era of real independent bands. Never got to see them live as only 14 in 1984, but remember the Tube edition with Joools Holland and the fish in the toilets in town center. Was hitchhiking from Leeds to Hull once and the drummer Matt picked us up and took us all the way. Thanks!

Date:  02.05.2005
Name:  Jim
Comments:  How , oh how do I get 'Tales of the Expected' in CD or MP3 format??? It was an excellent album at the time - superb in fact. Please help...

Date:  21.04.2005
Name:  Ian Hunter
Comments:  Christ, Its strange what you come across on the web. As a fledgling muso in Hull back in the mid eighties I have enduring memories of reheasing in this studio in little queen street near the pier. This rather austre skinny man used to occasionally turn up and vacuum around us while we rehearsed and then leave without a word. I was terrified of him at the time. Hello Mr Kidd.

Date:  11.04.2005
Name:  Roger M
Comments:  I may have asked you this before, but is there any way of getting hold of any visual Red Guitars material? i.e the (Tube) Good Technology video or the Whistle Test appearance. I know I had them once...Cheers Rog.

Date:  21.03.2005
Name:  James Ewen
Comments:  Would be nice for this particular web page to include a 'forum' (details on obtaining singles and deleted LPs recorded by the 'Red Guitars'), as well as various photographs of the band members throughtout their time as a group. I did happen to notice that inside the 'Slow To Fade' CD, there is a group picture of the band presumably taken at the time of the albums release in 1984. Unfortunately, no names are listed underneath the photograph. It would be nice to know who was who, particularly since I have interviewed a few of the band members for a Bristol student radio station. Anyhow, keep up the good work.

Date:  09.03.2005
Name:  James Ewen
Comments:  I would like to thank Jerry, Lou and finally, John Rowley for giving-up their time to discuss the work of 'The Red Guitars' for a student radio station based in Bristol. Having read the sleeve notes enclosed with the 'Slow To Fade' album, I was interested to track down CD copies of 'Tales of the Expected' and the live LP 'Seven Types of Ambiguity.' I have had a look on 'Amazon' (and other internet retailers including 'E Bay'), but have not had any success in tracking down a CD copy. Could you advise myself (and other 'Red Guitars' fans), how we could possibly obtain a copy. Whilst on this particular subject, I would like to also ask whether this particular web page will be selling any items within the near future? In any case, keep up the good work. I will continue to publicise the music via the show and station. James Ewen. ps: You may be interested to know that a copy of a solo single you released on Self-Drive Records was being sold on 'E Bay' not so long ago!.

Date:  25.02.2005
Name:  Wunderlich
Comments:  Hi, just wanted you to know that i bought Tales Of The Expected in 85 or so (ON VINYL!) and loved it right away. I don't have a record player anymore but the other day i listened to some 80's bands and i longed to hear that record again. Much to my surprise i found out that it's not on CD. How come? I consider that album as one of the best poprecords i've ever heard. Slow To Fade is out on CD (the record stores in my town haven't got it though) so i still have nothing from you guys on CD. And i miss it! Please do your utmost best to persuade the record company to put it out on CD. Bye!

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