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Date:  19.02.2005
Name:  Mark Dawes
Comments:  Hello red guitars...Just wanted to say hi and thank you for some great music. OK I'm over 20 years late but the feeling is genuine... Always enjoy spinning Good Technology. Whenever I have a go on my mate Alan's decks I like to play Good Technology mixed with Straight To Hell by The Clash. Works a treat and the edgy and angry feel of both songs are a perfect mix, along with all the space and heavy bass. I will do what I can to introduce your songs to the 'younger generation'...Thanks, Mark

Date:  14.02.2005
Name:  James Ewen
Comments:  Slow To Fade and the music of 'The Red Guitars' is a great discovery. I am constantly playing tracks like Steeltown, Slow To Fade, Good Technology, Drive and their best track, in my opinion, Paris France. The band regularly feature on my radio show, 'The Nightfly' which Jerry has kindly advertised on this particular web site. I would like to thank him and some of the other group members for their help and support. However, will the band ever re-form or release any new material. I await in great anticipation! James (Nightfly) Ewen.

Date:  10.02.2005
Name:  Andy R
Comments:  Hi, I was playing 'Slow To Fade' the other day for the first time in about 6 months...still sounds as good now as ever. Is there anywhere I can get Petals and Ashes/Croc Tears on cd? are there mp3's available if not? Cheers, Andy, London

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