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Date:  22.09.2013

Date:  07.08.2013
Name:  Stefan
Comments:  Just being watching on YouTube, fantastic stuff and brought back so many memories.
Saw you guys at the ICA in 1984, even chatted to you after the show at the bar although I was underage LOL..
Still one of my favourite bands of the 80s and brought every 7" single and Slow to Fade.
Great stuff

Date:  07.04.2013
Name:  geoff peel
Comments:  late '83 i heard good technology on dave "kid" jenson's radio one show and was instantly hooked. bought the 12" record and was further mesmerized by paris france. but later on in 1984, june i think, came Steeltown. my all time favourite red guitar's track. then came the album, slow to fade. i was a bona fide member of red guitar's records. whatever, they made, i would buy. little did i know that jeremy kidd would leave the band shortly after. thereafter, i tried to embrace the newer material but just couldn't connect. i so missed jeremy's vocals. red guitars had died in my heart but, for a brief moment, oh boy, they lightened up my precocious heart and still, today, on listening to "good technology" "paris france" "steeltown" and "crocodile tears" i wilt in the nostalgia. long may it continue.

Date:  03.04.2013
Name:  Stuart
Comments:  I brought Good Technology on 12" after seeing it on the Tube. I played it for weeks and weeks. I still have it now.
Just listened to it again on YouTube, still just as good.

Date:  28.03.2013
Name:  Donna B
Comments:  "Marimba Jive" is my favorite song of all time. Thanks for making a small Southern town bearable.

Date:  11.03.2013
Name:  Colin
Comments:  Bought the album 15 years ago, still play it and think it's one of the best out of the 80s ever.... (Couldn't stand 80s pop music and found your sound refreshingly different to the mainstream stuff...

Date:  03.03.2013
Name:  stephen roe
Comments:  Saw the reds live 4 times ,spring street x2 ,hull uni ,hull trades and labour .i worked in a butchers on chanterlands avenue and Hallam used to shop with us so always had a chat about what the band were up to ,remember telling him how much i loved the new album tales of the expected his reply was rather shocking and i quote "its shit and we've split up "never saw him again .he seemed to have a problem with Robert Holmes the new vocalist ...although i loved slow to fade its actually tales that i listen to more and still think its a great record.Robert holmes was in a band called poor howard who supported the reds at the trades and labour club when i saw them there.still have there first single plus free sticker in my collection.A friend of mine supported the reds at spring street in his band The cotton gussets ,they only knew one song Teenage kicks which they played at least 5 times then left the stage .Happy days.I still have the poster for the gig the reds played at hull uni which i ripped off the wall outside.Great HULL band who should of been massive.

Date:  17.01.2013
Name:  Dermot
Comments:  Great memories from the 80's. Great politics and music.

Date:  10.01.2012
Name:  Nicki
Comments:  Absolutely loved this band. Be with me and National Avenue were my favourites as that was when I first heard them when Robert Holmes first came into the band. What ever happened to him? I always thought he really resembled a young Tim Burgess from Charlatans. In fact when I first saw Charlatans on their first record, I thought it was Holmes!

Date:  27.12.2011
Name:  Dunks
Comments:  Saw you supporting The Smiths at Coventry Poly: terrific gig, both bands in top form. One image I have is that Lou never stopped smiling - obviously got a real kick out of playing live.

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