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Date:  25.07.2011
Name:  Laura
Comments:  To this day the Red Guitars are my all time favourite band and I think I just about collected every record going. Although Rob Holmes was a worthy replacement Slow to Fade will always be my favourite album from them with such distinctive vocals from Jerry Kidd. I was thrilled when a copy was finally released with Good Technology as a bonus track on CD as it is the best track ever produced. My only regret is I never got a chance to see them live before they split and although it is the one gig I would do anything to see if they ever reformed it's a shame it probably will never happen. Thanks for the website at least the memory of what was the greatest band lives on through it.

Date:  28.07.2011
Name:  David J. Gauvreau
Comments:  I heard "Good Technology" once in the mid 80's and it stuck in mind. Had no clue as to who wrote it or how to find it! Till today that is. Now i only have to find it on CD i guess. The funny thing is...i even have your "Tales Of The Expected" on LP/CD, and always loved your sound. Can your music still be found in the USA? If you can help/or not..cool. Long Live The Red Guitar!!!

Date:  28.06.2011
Name:  Philip Gilbert
Comments:  I well remeber Peel playing 'Good Technology' and buying the 7'. Still sounds as good today as it did then.

Now, I have a 21 yr old son in the music business, and he really gets the song too.

Thanks for the memories

Date:  10.05.2011
Name:  Carl McKenzie-Brown
Comments:  I remember hearing them on the John Peel show in the 80's and the article on the Tube when Jools was at King Billy toilets. The video was shot in a scrap yard! Was it at Willingham's? (Midgley's on Clough Road near the Stoneferry Bridge in fact Carl)

I am sure the band can up date me, where are you now?

Good Times


Date:  07.05.2011
Name:  Ian Hill
Comments:  Listening to Slow to Fade right now - remember seeing you at Hull School of Architecture Thur 5th April 1984 Easter Ball - fantastic.

Date:  06.05.2011
Name:  Richard B
Comments:  Red Guitars - a great band. Slow To Fade, a great album. However, Tales Of The Expected was a fantastic record. And so was Robert Holmes "Age Of Swing". I still find myself listening to all three of these great albums. Whatever did happen to Robert Holmes? If you look on the web there is the obvious confusion with the guitarist from Til Tuesday but that's not the same guy of course. The first 5 tracks of Tales Of The Expected were sublime and still sound fresh today. The same could be said of "Age Of Swing" too. I'm pleased I still have both on CD as they're hard to find. Not sure I ever go in to Planet Wilson. I have the CD but have only given it a couple of listens. Anyway, bandmembers, if you're reading this, thanks for many, many hours and years of listening pleasure.

Date:  19.04.2011
Name:  Thomas
Comments:  Stumbled upon this site trying to find the lyrics for "Love & Understanding" from the "Tales" album. I dont't know how you guys value that album as it's not represented on this site. Just wanted to let you know that "Love & Understanding" and "National Avenue" have been haunting me for the last 26 years. I bought the album after hearing "National Avenue" on Danish Radio in 1986 the year the album was released. I was 15 years old. The most beautiful sounds coming from an electric guitar I'd ever heard! Years later I bought "Slow to Fade" - a very different record but again those guitars! By that time I was playing in a band myself and wanted to cover the title track but nobody knew what I was raving about.

Date:  12.04.2011
Name:  cal
Comments:  I listened to Good Technology as I walked to work this am & remembered what a great band the Red Guitars were.

Thank you for making such brilliantly crafted songs & being way ahead.

Date:  28.02.2011
Name:  Ian
Comments:  Just rediscovered Good Technology via an old mate in the US. Forgotten how good it was/is. Had the album back in the day before it was trashed as with all my vinyl at the request of er indoors (ex variety) to save space in the loft. The things we do for love.

Date:  02.02.2011
Name:  Rob
Comments:  I wasn't born until 1989 so obviously wasnt around when the Red Guitars were. Stumbled across you guys by pure chance really, I was 16 working part time at a cafe. My boss had his mobile phone playing music in the Kitchen as he washed up, on came Good Technology! I was amazed. I asked him ''Who's that band and what's that song called?'' He told me, I went straight home after work and went on Youtube. Hooked ever since. Great band, great music :D

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