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Date:  29.01.2011
Name:  laurens l.
Comments:  In my humble opinion I think Red Guitars was the best (could be very big) band ever. The sound, the music and the magical voice of Jeremy Kidd. It couldn't be better. Your band was a part of the happiest days of my life. Thank you Red Guitars!

Date:  12.01.2011
Name:  Sean Johnston
Comments:  I remember seeing the Red Guitars support The Smiths at Hull Uni. Hal's girlfriend was my Englsh teacher at Driffield School and a few of us callow teens were smuggled in... That night instilled in me a love of music which continues to this day. Thanks guys - happy memories

Date:  27.11.2010
Name:  Phil Deere
Comments:  Loved Red Guitars back in the day. I worked in HMV in Cardiff and remember playing 'Good Technology' in the shop loads. There was this promoter who booked 'em to play at The New Ocean Club (sadly now demolished), his name was Dick Edwards and he used to come in the store and ask Keith my boss who he should book to play. Keith said the Red Guitars would be a good choice... it was a cold Sunday night in December, and the Dick counted 87 people through the door... not bad as when R.E.M. played the same venue a few weeks earlier he got a mere 170 people. Red Guitars were great people got in three dressing room and spoke with Hallam, John and Lou - what lovely people they were... fantastic band great gig. My dear old dad picked me up from the gig and said there was a crazy young man who jumped on the roof of a VW Beetle in the car park.... strange he ran out the club the moment the band finished playing.... dad thought he looked like some drug crazed pop-star... strangely Jerry Kidd disappeared from the venue at exactly the same time... coincidence?

Date:  17.11.2010
Name:  louvressac
Comments:  j'ai un flash...lors de la saison de foot 1984/85 on part depuis bruxelles en deplacement a 4 en voiture (vers le limbourg?) pour suivre notre equipe de foot favorite (le RWDM ). on ecoute l'album "slow to fade" dans la bagnole et on se retrouve coince; dans un embouteillage sur la route....passe alors "marimba jive",le conducteur met le volume a fond et on se retrouve a 4 au millieu de l'autoroute avec nos canettes de bieres a la main en train de danser autour de la voiture en chantant marimba ji-ji-ji-ji,ji-ji-ji-jive sous les yeux heberlues des autres automobilistes....26 annnes plus tard je ne me souviens plus du score (ni de l'adversaire d'ailleurs) mais la chanson est toujours dans ma tete!

Which roughly translates as: I have a flash back...It's the 1984/85 football season and four of us leave Brussels in a car (heading for Limbourg?) to follow our favorite football team (RWDM - Racing White Daring Molenbeek!). We are listening to the album "Slow to Fade" in the car when we get stuck in a traffic jam. After a while "Marimba Jive" comes on, the driver cranks up the volume, and the four of us find ourselves dancing around the car with our beer cans in our hands singing "Marimba Ji-ji-ji-ji, ji-ji-jive" in the middle of the motorway to the astonishment of the other motorists...26 years later and I don't remember the score of the match or even who we were playing but the song is always in my head!

Date:  13.11.2010
Name:  tia macgregor
Comments:  Got myself a copy of Slow to Fade this week, why oh why did I not get it earlier?? I used to have the album on cassette but lost it years ago. I was introduced to this amazing band by the great John Peel. This CD has 'Fact' on it... listening to it for the first time again I had shivers up my spine. I'd completely forgotten about this awesome song, I have no idea why?
I feel like I've found an old friend! Thank you!

Date:  20.09.2010
Name:  Sam Howard
Comments:  I've been listening to slow to fade for the past two years and to be honest it's still one of my favourite albums ever. I think i've worked just about everything on the guitar, any live version of any song would be welcomed and devoured.
Thank you so much

Date:  30.04.2010
Name:  Dave Burnby
Comments:  What a gem of a site. I first saw the Red Guitars at the Spring Bank Community centre in Hull and was blown away by them. It was the first time I'd heard South African style guitar as played by Hallam years before Graceland and McClaren's "Duck Rock". Later, I was responsible for helping to raise money for Barnsley miners in the 85/86 strike and the Guitars played a benefit gig at the Trades and Labour Club on Beverley Road in Hull. The queue stretched half way down the road. We packed the place and sent three Transit vans of food to the now gone collieries at Fryston, Wheldale and Glasshoughton. The hairs on the back of my neck still stand up when I hear the opening riff of Good Technology. Without a doubt, one of the most underrated indie bands of the decade. Very special. Thanks for the memories folks!

Date:  12.04.2010
Name:  kev
Comments:  Thank you. Soo many memories of your songs. My two year old son loves 'Good Technology' and dances away. People will still be listening even when we are all dead and buried. Once again cheers for the site and songs.

Date:  03.04.2010
Name:  glambuster
Comments:  The Good Technology video was filmed in Midgley's scrapyard, Reservoir Rd in Hull - next to the Comet service dept where I was working at the time. Loved the track then - still do now.

Date:  27.03.2010
Name:  Stephen Hayes
Comments:  Good Technology video: This is one of those songs that I heard once on John Peel about 20 years ago and never forgot. Great song.

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