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Date:  19.03.2010
Name:  sak
Comments:  hello

Date:  14.03.2010
Name:  flemming
Comments:  my friend had the album "Tales Of The Expected" heard it many times, and always loved it, trying to find it but really hard. Found some tunes fro album on youtube wich was really nice thx for great album.

Date:  05.03.2010
Name:  Craig
Comments:  I saw the Red Guitars in Liverpool in 1984. They were supposed to be supporting the Smiths but ended up headlining because the Smiths didn't turn up (they did TOTP instead). Just as well for the Smiths, as they would have been totally blown off stage. I did see the Smiths live a couple of time and they were shit. Red Guitars were a fantastic and very underrated band. So underrated that hardly anyone has even heard of them, which is sad.

Date:  28.01.2010
Name:  armadillosu
Comments:  Good Technology: Was just going through old vinyl & came across this song. I loved this back as a student in the early 80s. Still every bit as good as I remember it!

Date:  24.01.2010
Name:  john gemmill
Comments:  Hi-just to say I've just found your site after seeing "good technology" on you tube. Couldn't agree more with the guy in guestbook who talked about you "blowing the smiths away"...that is the phrase I always use if I hear someone saying"I wish I'd seen the smiths"..I tell them about how you demolished them at the Dundee university gig I attended. You would absolutely be in my top 5 gigs of all time ( Hi-fidelity moment) along with (probably) U2 Zooropa tour, Prince at Celtic Park, Misty -In-Roots at Cambridge corn exchange,John Martyn & Martin Simpson. Hmmm, thats six! But I digress...I went with my friend Gerry. We'd never heard of you before then. The whole set was stunning, and I liked that there was no pretention, in what was a very pretentious period in music. Good Techology was massive,anthemic ,w a HUGE bass sound that kept it all "nailed down".I probably wept. We just kept turning to each-other and saying "they're SOOO GOOD !!! " The other most memorable moment :) was after the build-up / first two verses in "Dive"...we knew SOMETHING BIG was on the way...and then the big riff/chorus thingy crashed in ("the radio does play..."etc)& I remember my jaw dropped & us both looking at each-other just blown away! Absolutely stunning. Thank you so much.

Date:  10.01.2010
Name:  Andy Stockall
Comments:  I bought Fact from Omega Records in Northwich Cheshire...in fact (pardon ) it was recommended to me. Marimba Jive followed later and i still have the singles! The sound and the lyrics have stayed with me all these years...Superb!

Date:  19.12.2009
Name:  Rob Howard
Comments:  Great refreshed site - my favourite gig of all time was feb 1984 you supporting the smiths at rock city in nottingham. The smiths were my favourite band at the time, but you blew them away. happy memories. love to all. Rob - Lou's bro.

Date:  01.12.2009
Name:  blaine
Comments:  As a young Canadian lad, wet behind the ears, on a student work abroad project, I went to the big GLC concert on S. Bank, perhaps at County Hall(?) in summer of "85, I believe - entire day of bands, headlined by the Smiths. It was quite an experience. The only damper was when skinheads rushed the stage and smashed the equipment, if I recall correctly of Red Guitars, perhaps par for the course considering the opposing views you and the skinheads held. The festival was memorable.

Date:  31.05.2009
Name:  Pete
Comments:  Wow, great to find this site.

You may not remember me but I was roadie/merchandise seller for you when promoting, (I seem to remember), Steeltown. this was the tour before you recorded the 1st album. I was around 18-19 at the time and used to work with Jerry's wife then.

The tour started at the Electric Ballroom and continued to places such as Middlesborough Town Hall and included a wild Summer Ball at Clare College, Cambridge, (famous for the marquee stage, the midnight onstage time, the pig roast, the free champagne stalls dotted throughout the grounds and the humongous hangovers the next day).

I also remember traveling back in the van on a Friday with Radio 1 on to listen to the single getting the the thumbs up from Mr Peel himself, (the cheer in the van was deafening).

Most importantly, anyone in the band at this time will remember the 'Crown Green Bowling Cliches', such as; "Good Wood, Good Wood" and "Clear the back pavilion, this one's going all the way to Cleethorpes".

I may sound like a weirdo but those few weeks in my life have obviously made a great impact and anyone in the band might now remember me.

Needless to say, I hope I can purchase some of discs that I still remember so well. Cheers!

Date:  29.05.2009
Name:  andy
Comments:  How nice to find this site. Still got good technology 12" and Tales LP found this when looking for marimba jive download, which I've not heard for years. Last time I saw Red Guitars was the GLC goodbye festival in Battersea Park. In between Billy Bragg and the Pogues, if I remember rightly, sure there was a third guitarist playing, a girl with a red guitar? What are band members doing now? Still in Hull? Were you all genuine Cod heads?

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