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Date:  15.04.2009
Name:  Roger Millington
Comments:  I can still remember the shiver that went down my spine that Friday night in 1983 when I saw Good Technology being performed on The Tube. I had to go out and buy it the next day!

Date:  08.04.2009
Name:  Andy Robertson
Comments:  I still rate Slow To Fade as one of the best albums to emerge from the 80's. When my mate Roger played me the 7" of "Fact" with "Dive Live" on the b-side one Friday night at Boys Brigade, I was in!! The chorus of "Dive" has one of the most perfect riffs I've ever heard! There's not a weak moment on Slow to Fade either, by the way...

Here's my top 5 80's albums....(no particular order)

The Queen Is Dead - Smiths
Slow To Fade - RG
The Crossing - Big Country
Kings Of The Wild Frontier - Adam and the Ants
Friends - The Bolshoi

On another day you may find The Cult,Level42,Japan,David Sylvian,Numan in there, but that will do for now!

Date:  03.02.2009
Name:  Miguel (in Madrid)
Comments:  I was playing Jeremy Kidd's lovely Petals & Ashes 7" this afternoon and was wondering if anything else was recorded as a solo singer ... it is such a great record!

Date:  28.01.2009
Name:  Shane Tilbury
Comments:  There is very little mention of Robert Holmes which is surprising. Why is that? In fact, even in the discography section of the website, there is no mention of Tales of the Expected. Frankly, I would rate 'Tales' as having one of the best 'A' sides I've come across. The B side is questionable...We're talking vinyl of course not CD, though I was fortunate enough to obtain a copy on CD from an 'alleged friend' of Holmes & it must have been the only copy on the African continent when it reached me. Of course, there's no doubting the success of the band with Jeremy Kidd at the microphone, but isn't there anyone out there who lauds the credibility of Holmes? I don't know the man, but as a unit The Red Guitars reach certain heights on 'Tales' that have seldom been reached by any Hull outfit, or any other outfit for that matter. So speaketh a Zimbabwean, who by the way lost his CD in a bizarre accident so now I have the cover only. Anyone else out there got one to sell? It's a must have for any music collection.

Jeremy Kidd replies: There is no mention of Robert Holmes or Tales of the Expected for the simple reason that I built the web site and, since I had left the band at that stage, I know very little about either Holmes or 'Tales'. I have over the years asked other former members of the band to contribute to the site but, for whatever reason, none of them has been inclined to do so.

Date:  11.01.2009
Name:  isaias de oliveira mello
Comments:  Hi, folks!! I'm brazilian and heard about THE RED GUITARS in 1986. I heard the song "NATIONAL AVENUE" on the radio and, really, it's one of the most beautiful songs i've ever heard. Since then i started looking for information about this band and just got this song through EMULE. Today I got their HOMEPAGE, bur it's very difficult to get the records (CDs). Is the band still on the road? And the musicians? Are they still touring? I hope to get answers to these questions because i think they were a great Indie band. Thanks!! ISAIAS.

Date:  09.01.2009
Name:  Donald
Comments:  Just wanted to say that Red Guitars playing Queen Margaret union Glasgow is still one of the most memorable performances I have ever seen.

Date:  06.01.2009
Name:  Paul
Comments:  Just to let you know that National Avenue is still one of my all time favourites.

Date:  14.10.2008
Name:  Dave Shindler
Comments:  Just come across this site almost by accident. I was playing singles from my ageing vinyl collection to my kids recently and 'Good Technology' went down really well! My 16 year old daughter is a talented guitarist just starting out in the pubs and clubs of Leeds (currently busking outside Borders as I tap). So, thought I'd bung you into Google and lo and behold. I went to Hull Uni at the same time as Hallam and shared a house in De Grey St with Simon Braunholtz & Johnny Higgins (Matt's bruv??). Thanx for the memories! Will seek out the compilation.

Date:  14.10.2008
Name:  Sandy
Comments:  Saw the Red guitars in Aberdeen supporting the Smiths 83 or 84. My first gig it was brilliant. Good technology has stuck inside my head for over 20 years.
I remember when the Smiths played there where people fainting and being carried away by the bouncers. I thought in my booze,and smoked addled young mind that this is what Beatlemania could have been like.

Date:  07.09.2008
Name:  Andrew Greenwood
Comments:  I had completely forgotten about the Red Guitars, despite having the first four (and only by the look of it) singles (7 inch only). Like others who have commented on Amazon I never bought the album, so I have ordered it from the Lemon thing. Hopefully it will turn up.
I just played the singles Good Technology and Marimba Jive - still excellent. I upset my son by playing them too loud!
I used to have a tape of a Red Guitars concert, but sadly it appears to have vanished in a clear out. I am not sure if it one we made ourselves (which we used to do back then) or one we swapped for. I remember seeing the band supporting someone, but I can't remember who or when! We used to see REM and The Smiths a lot in the early eighties so it could have been with them, but it could have been supporting Blue Oyster Cult for all I know!

thanks for some top songs.

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