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Date:  24.06.2008
Name:  Patrick (Morrison) exLeeds now

Date:  01.05.2008
Name:  Sam H
Comments:  I am absolutely gob smacked! Fantastic music!!! Lou! this is your nephew speaking! great bass-playing! Hallam Lewis is my guitar hero from now on

Date:  15.02.2008
Name:  Phil W
Comments:  Just stumbled across the site. Red Guitars were one of my fave bands from the early 80's and I saw them quite a few times in and around Middlesbrough. All my stuff is on vinyl so I'm off to buy the Good Technology compilation via Lemonburst!

Date:  07.02.2008
Name:  Fab
Comments:  Thanks you for the music, it is my sanctuary in the most difficult times. From the deepest of my heart, Fab

Date:  09.01.2008
Name:  Mark N
Comments:  Good Technology & Steeltown - classic songs. I remember a whole gang of us going to see RG playing Middlesbrough Town Hall crypt, must havbe been 1983 or 84? Good gig.

Date:  30.10.2007
Name:  Stef
Comments:  At last I've found something to make me feel I've not gone mad. Was a huge fan of the early stuff, Good Technology and Steeltown, Keep hoping that one day I will see the videos on You Tube. How about it?

Date:  27.09.2007
Name:  danny
Comments:  really sorry to have missed the brighton show only found out about it a couple of days later and was down there on the 17th but would have travelled up! hope it went well. hope you do more! i'm sure lots of people would turn up if they knew.

Date:  27.09.2007
Name:  WJ
Comments:  Fi, it's 'National Avenue' off the album 'Tales of the Expected'. And yes it's one of the most beautiful songs ever.

Date:  03.08.2007
Name:  fi
Comments:  Hi can someone please please tell me which track of the Red Guitars goes "she's my baby now, she's my baby now" its quite a sad song but I've loved it, had it on tape and somehow lost it and desperately want to get it on cd if I can.

Date:  03.08.2007
Name:  bruno
Comments:  Heard Marimba Jive on 6 Music a couple of weeks ago. Reminded me how brilliant this album is. Got 'Good Technology' and 'Steeltown' on 12-inch somewhere n'all. Still got The Tube appearance on video as well.
Love this album. Great site. Very happy I found it. Well in!

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