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Date:  31.07.2007
Name:  Tony C. Brighton
Comments:  so glad I finally found this site... I saw 'good technology' on tv (the tube?) only once way way back in the mists of time, and it has stayed ever since lodged in that dark part of my brain where all the good music goes, there must be something about Hull bands, but did you guys ever play in Brighton?, (I remember too meeting 'Indians in Moscow' at Brighton's old vic, also after their tube appearance c1983??) now i'll try to get hold of the cd. good luck from all us ageing, but still rockin, socialists.

Date:  31.07.2007
Name:  blammo-AMS
Comments:  why am i here? because i still love the RG's, because i couldn't find the cd's AND because my copy of Seven Types is falling apart! does anybody else have a faulty copy of that cd? Bring back vinyl, 's what i say...
BTW - still have good memories of a low-key gig in haarlem, netherlands, together with do-re-mi. never before or since have i heard a band with such an "open" sound. the lost art of arrangement. really impressive!

Date:  07.02.2007
Name:  Tony
Comments:  From Adam Kidd's myspace site: Last week I met an old friend for lunch and he told me that he went to one of the Futurama shows back in the early 80's. He said the weather was god-awful, the venue was appalling and every band sounded dismal... until the Red Guitars came on. he said he'll never forget the sound of their guitars after a day of really poor bands!

Date:  01.06.2007
Name:  Dave Hunt
Comments:  Writing this whilst listening to Marimba Jive (Extended Survival Mix)for the first time in some 15 years courtesy of a new USB turntable. First saw the Red Guitars supporting The Smiths at UEA in Norwich, where for my money they stole the show. Saw them subsequently at the same venue as headliners! Great memories and an excellent website find.

Date:  05.12.2006
Name:  anthony thompson
Comments:  what great music. so moved as a teen. the red guitars rocked!

Date:  22.10.2006
Name:  Paul Wilson
Comments:  One of my favourite bands of my youth. I saw them at Manchester University with my Australian cousin. She thought they were incedible. I wrote to the band to thank them for providing the highlight of my cousins visit to the UK and got a 3 page reply from Lou written in Silver Ink on red paper...It was in this letter that she broke the news that Jerry Kidd was leaving, to be replaced by the other chap..I was gutted. I no longer have the letter and the T SHirt is long gone, but the memories remain...For a moment in time The Red Gutars were my favourite band in the world

Date:  28.09.2006
Name:  martin purdy
Comments:  The debut albums by The Red Guitars and The Chameleons remain the most played albums in my collection - and I am still an avid buyer of new music. Remember seeing Good Technology on The Tube and being blown away. Brilliant lyrics and totally unique guitar sounds. They don't make em like they used to!

Date:  08.09.2006
Name:  Boris Rangelov
Comments:  It was 1984 and I recorded from John Peel a fragment from the most wonderful and devastating song I have ever heard in my life,with a fast rhythm, pronounced bass glissando,guitar reminiscent of 'paris france', tribal vocals, plus additional tam-tams,and if I am not in error the lyrics were'join us to dance'. Having obtained the 'slow to fade' cd, I presume this must have been the Red guitars, but I was unable to identify the song so far. Please help me! You are a legend!

Date:  26.07.2006
Name:  Andrew N Brown
Comments:  Wow, a Red Guitars site. Hope you don't mind but I used the artwork for the mug to make my own t-shirt - and I stopped wearing band t-shirts about 15 years ago! Lou sent me a RG t-shirt once after a Planet Wilson gig but it was far too small - so I had to have one...The records were pretty good aswell as the t-shirts! Steeltown still sounds magnificent.

Date:  23.07.2006
Name:  markster
Comments:  I'm delighted that you guys haven't been forgetten. I really loved your first four singles and album, and I was even quite partial to some of the stuff that was recorded by Red Guitars Mk 2 (although I recognise that it may be heresy to discuss the later line up on this page!). I still see some of your back catalogue popping up on eBay for reassuringly inflated prices. Any chance that you'll be doing any more gigs? Any chance that you could let me know! Yer great, Mark.

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