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The Red Guitars (October 1982 - December 1984)

The Red Guitars

The name was changed because there was another band called the Czechs. Good Technology was recorded at Fairview Studios, Willerby, between the 18th and 28th of April 1983, re-mixed on the 8th of May and released as a 7" single with Heartbeat Go! (Love Dub) on the b-side by Self Drive Records, the band's own label, on the 24th of June that year. It's catalogue number - SD006 - was determined by the fact that six was Jeremy Kidd's lucky number. Next to be released was Fact/Dive (Live) - SD007 - another 7" single recorded between 24/8/83 and 1/9/83 and released in November '83. Good Tech' was re-mixed and re-released in both 7" and 12" formats in April 1984. Steeltown/Within 4 Walls came out on Friday 22nd of June 1984 and Marimba Jive, the original line-up's last single, was released on September 21st 1984. The Slow To Fade album was recorded at Fairview Studios between the 4th July and the 14th September. It was mixed at Music Works Studios, mastered at Virgin's Townhouse Studios on the 3rd of October and released at the beginning of November 1984.

John Rowley Hallam Lewis Jeremy Kidd Matt Higgins Lou Howard
(Rhythm Guitar) (Lead Guitar) (Vocals) (Drums) (Bass Guitar)